Beef with vegetables and potatoes by culinary catering

Culinary Catering
Sally and George are no strangers to the food industry. George inherited his love of food from his childhood, working in one of his father’s many restaurants. After meeting Sally and opening their own restaurant, their passion finally led them to the exciting world of catering.

Now, three decades later, with thousands of magnificent parties, weddings and galas behind them, they are still staying true to their passion as one of London’s top caterers.

Rack of lamb with vegetables by north moore catering

North Moore Catering
North Moore Catering was born in 2008 from owner Jess Jazey-Spoelstra’s desire to bring the culinary finesse of New York City to London, Ont. Cutting-edge food experiences delivered with extraordinary service are Jess’s forte and hallmark as co-owner of North Moore Catering, The River Room and Rhino Lounge. Jess’s latest collaboration is the acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant, Craft Farmacy, which shares the building with North Moore Catering. Her stylish design sensibility is reflected in her projects and events. For Jess and her team, it’s all about delivering elegance and comfort, right down to the smallest detail.

Beef with red peppers and vegetables by blackfriars catering

Blackfriars Catering
Imagine a perfectly executed event where all guests are happy, and there isn’t any stress placed on the host. That is the magic of the Blackfriars experience. Our service staff, chef and bartender are all highly trained and skilled professionals. At Blackfriars we do not believe in leaving what is most certainly an important day to chance. All of our staff have many years of experience and know how to anticipate and meet needs that can occur during your celebration. This means that as the host, you can truly relax and enjoy your guests secure in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of.