London has a lot of history to celebrate. Each year during Heritage Week, we at Heritage London Foundation partner with the Architectural Conservancy Ontario (or ACO for short) to honour some fantastic efforts to keep London’s vibrant history alive and thriving.

2021 marks the 14th annual London Heritage Awards programme. The Covid-19 pandemic has made gathering to celebrate the honourees impossible, but such fantastic works must be celebrated nonetheless.

London Heritage Awards
2021 Honourees

The London Heritage Awards 2021 recognize outstanding efforts in the community. Awards are given to volunteers in the fields of education, awareness, or advocacy, for projects that have preserved built heritage, and to professionals, who were crucial to the success of a project or who have gone above and beyond their professional role.

Here are our honourees for 2021.

Small Scale Restoration Project #1

Small Scale Restoration Project London Heritage Awards 2021

The recipient for the award for the Small Scale Restoration Project is Vicky Lightfoot. Lightfoot is being honoured for her efforts in restoring a decorative bargeboard on the gable of yellow brick residence from 1874, ultimately enhancing and preserving the heritage character of the home in the Blackfriars and Petersville district. This award will be presented by Councillor Arielle Kayabaga on Tuesday, February 16th at 2:15pm.

Small Scale Restoration Project #2

Small Scale Restoration Project 2

Another Small Scale Restoration Project award is being presented to the owner of 360 St. James Street for the restoration of decorative detail on their verandah. This 19th Century cottage enhances an Old North streetscape and sets a positive example for others. This award will be given at a later date when the homeowner returns from caring for her father.

Adaptive Re-Use Project

The award for the Adaptive Re-Use Project is being presented to Youth Opportunities Unlimited, for their extensive, sympathetic renovation of the historic warehouse at 340 Richmond St built in 1875.

The honourees have repurposed the formerly derelict building into an employment resource centre and housing for young people, adding to Youth Opportunity Unlimited’s existing youth services in this complex.

The architect responsible for this restoration is Cornerstone Architecture, and the General Contractor was Graceview Enterprises. This award will be presented by Councillor Arielle Kayabaga on Tuesday, February 16th at 1:30 pm.

Small Scale Restoration Project #3

Another Small Scale Restoration Project award is being given to Clayton MacNeil and Jennifer Pevler for their work on 135 Duchess Avenue. They improved the facade on an early 20th Century brick house by adding a roofed porch with pillars made of wood so as to maintain the original look of the building, which enhanced the local streetscape.

This award will be given by Councillor Stephen Turner on Wednesday, February 17th at 2:45 pm.

Major Restoration Project

Major Restoration Project

An award for a Major Restoration Project will be presented to the Middlesex Condominium Corporation #97 for their restoration of 275 and 285 Queens Avenue and 440 Wellington Street.

They thoughtfully refurbished the balconies of these historic downtown apartments, even including the original acorn finials. This area is an integral part of London’s downtown history, and serves as a major landmark. It has consistently benefitted from responsible ownership and excellent maintenance.

The work on the balconies was performed by Edison Engineers and Brick & Co. Restoration. This award will be given by London’s mayor, Ed Holder, on Wednesday, February 17th, at 2:45pm.

Congratulations to all honourees, and thank you so much for your tremendous work to keep London’s roots alive and on display. Preserving our heritage is not always an easy task, but it is always worthwhile.

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