Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To actively support heritage preservation.

Our Mission

To maintain, preserve and establish viable contemporary uses for heritage buildings and properties in London, Ontario.


  • To generally make possible the preservation of architecturally, historically or culturally significant buildings, properties and areas.
  • To support and actively assist in the acquisition, preservation, restoration and management of properties of historical, architectural, aesthetic or archaeological interest.
  • To collect and manage funds in support of the conservation, restoration, protection, preservation and management of London’s heritage resources.



  • To promote significant historical or natural sites
  • To promote community action towards a sustainable future
  • To help integrate heritage and environmental action by collecting and organizing resources
  • To maintain a facility where members and the public can meet and use resources
  • To provide a supportive forum for concerned individuals to come together and share information, ideas and solutions
  • To promote community stewardship in a spirit of sharing and cooperation